Welcome to The Prosophy Project Website…

Or let’s say The Prosophical Café, where the Basics, Evenience, and other sections (see above) are like furniture, scattered around to accommodate the incoming posts and the readers’ comments. What ‘prosophy’ actually means is something as easy to figure out as to misconstrue, so please take an in-depth tour before dismissing it as pulp thinking. This website comes now as an appendix to some essays I tried on the subject (see Download). But I hope to see it develop, in due time, into the opposite thing, the four texts just introducing what will be gathered and discussed here.

Prosophy’ (IT = ‘Prosofia’) summarizes the search after a conceptual outlook of human life suitable for all experience. The prosophy concept marks a reviving of a very old inquiry, the one concerning what all humans share, what makes every act and fact possible. The implication is that philosophy, which often explored such overall themes, never reached the proper answer. People nurture their different visions of what human being-to-the-world is or is all about. Prosophy hopes to be a theory effectively encompassing all those different visions.
Prosophy’s all-encompassing answer covers all viewpoints, not allowing any one of them to force its particular point upon the rest. Therefore, prosophy will prove itself wrong (will be falsified) if it will not fully cover your being-to-the-world individual feelings, as well as your particular, personal depictions, except for the part where they happen to hamper other visions from being taken account of too.
Prosophy is easy to figure out, provided one leaves all myth, philosophy, and science to their local, historical solutions. It points straight to the being-to-the-world condition, which was there long before, and is going to be there well beyond them all.
In fact, to think prosophically means to give up the drive to intellectual self-solace. Prosophy doesn’t solve or console, at least not in the usual way. It just charts our being-to-the-world the way it is, as far as it is allowed to sketch it in most general terms.
It seems a very narrow and uninteresting frame of mind at first. But allow yourself a break from your usual, more or less comfortable structure of solutions, and you will see how vast are the expanses of terrain that prosophy opens to investigation.